Sunday, August 17, 2014

Alcohol is my issue not yours

Aug 17
I go to my meetings because my life is out of control because of alcohol. Your life is not out of control you are in complete control of your drinking and life. Due to drinking I was criticized and insulted. This lead me to feel depressed, angry, unloved, and my self-esteem crashed. Add to it when we go to bars you try to sleep with someone else another blow to my esteem and an instant jealous monster takes over. Yes, my life and my emotions were out of control due to my reaction to your drinking. 

Alcohol is my issue not yours. You even falsely labeled yourself a "functioning alcoholic".  You don't live in a cardboard box, you pay your bills, you have a job, you're a good dad. Drinking does not interfere with any part of your life. You "function" fine. You go to work everyday and you're very good and successful at your job. You never call in sick and the only reason you're late to work is issues beyond your control.... you're too tired to get motivated- you're a night owl; you need a second morning BM - that's nature; you have to throw up- that's indigestion. Beyond your control. Your personal life has been a little rocky lately because your wife can't live with you, but that's her problem not yours shes's the one that had the issues. She is actually a "dysfunctioning wife" while you are a "functioning alcoholic".

Al anon is helping me learn how to live my life and not let my issues with alcohol Make me insane

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